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The Best Transitions for DaVinci Resolve

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I wanted to start off with this awesome pack for anyone looking for professional made transitions. TRANSITION PACK PRO comes with 40 different transition presets.
This Transitions for DaVinci Resolve work with version 16.2 or higher. In new version 17 you can preview transitions directly in Edit Page before drag & drop it between video files.

Why this pack is the best?

  1. This Transitions for DaVinci Resolve support version 16.2 or higher
  2. They support any resolution and frame rate
  3. Super easy to use – Drag & Drop
  4. Live Previews before use it in DaVinci Resolve 17 version
  5. Fast Speed control by stretching
  6. No lag in preview windows because support Render Cache Feature
  7. Many more…